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We Kiwis pride ourselves on being fair and decent people. But when it comes to our animal welfare standards, we’re appalling. That’s why high profile New Zealanders including actor Robyn Malcolm, presenter Kevin Milne, hip hop artist Ladi6, ex-politician and business man Sir Robert Jones and popular TV personalities Jono and Ben are joining SAFE to make a stand to help factory-farmed animals.

Chickens, pigs, and others in intensive farming systems suffer every day of their lives – over 100 million of them per year. Watch our new TV ad to see well known and respected Kiwis speak out against the number one animal welfare scandal in New Zealand.

Join us...

Join us

We know you care and believe, as we do, that this shocking abuse of animals must stop. Together, let’s put an end to the needless suffering. Please make a donation of $25 to SAFE today to put a stop to factory farming. 


Spread the word…

Please share our new television advert with everyone you know, and encourage them to do the same. You can help spread the animals’ plight wide and far!



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